BollyX Regional Coordinator

A Regional Coordinator (RC) is a volunteer role that focuses on big picture strategy, relationship management, and coordinating events for BollyX (social outings, trainings, workshops, photo shoots, conferences, etc.). Other Leadership Team (LT) members will most likely be in the weeds of these events; therefore, the RC will focus on big picture oversight and strategy. The role will be limited to a specific geography (a radius that will be defined by HQ, but flexible to change when necessary). He or she will be working with local instructors, local LT members, event organizers, local businesses, studio owners, small and large club chains, and anyone or any company that wants to work with BollyX in that geography.

RCs will participate in quarterly check-ins with HQ to discuss strategies, receive updates, help troubleshoot or navigate any issues, etc. These calls may include the entire team or happen one-on-one with the Global Community Manager, Product Director, Fitness Director, or CEO, depending on check-in focus. An increase/decrease in the frequency of check-ins may be mutually agreed upon between the RC and HQ based on needs and activity within a certain geography.

Traits & Characteristics

  • HIGHLY diplomatic – An RC is a rockstar who can work with people in a sensitive and effective way, especially in a conflict. RCs will fully embody the BX Culture, Principles & Code of Conduct.
  • Patient, empathetic, kind, and capable of resolving local conflicts – This includes, but is not limited to, miscommunications between instructors, LT members, facility managers, gym members, BOD members, and all parties connected to BollyX within a specific geography.
  • Aware of and open about his/her strengths and weaknesses – Be honest with self-assessing as it relates to teaching abilities, experience in a particular field, communication skills, time constraints, fluency with technology, etc. He/she will proactively seek or offer support from/to HQ and local teammates to help fill any gaps when needed.
  • Able to plan ahead – RCs should be proactive and communicative regarding time management issues; plan ahead and seek support when overwhelmed to identify which projects need hard deadlines and which are more flexible.
  • Macro-managers – RCs will provide high level support, guidance, and feedback when necessary, to elevate CMs and Ambassadors, help place instructors in teaching positions, and further BollyX’s overall reach. This role requires Macro-management skills to give BX community members the freedom to operate within the guidelines of their roles.

For More Details and to Apply Now

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Please Note: BollyX reserves the right to remove individuals from this position if they no longer show a commitment to professionalism, collaboration and team building, as well as our Code of Conduct and Leadership Team Collaboration Guidelines and Principles.