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Aishwarya Das

San Jose, CA

Hi I’m Aishwarya (also go by 'Aish') from San Jose, California.

Listening to Bollywood music has always brought me a lot of joy. Jamming and dancing to it is even more fun.

BollyX is one of my favorite fitness classes. BollyX choreography is very addictive because of the moves that get me hooked on the dance and the steps are quite simple to follow for people who haven't danced before. It makes me feel like a rockstar. The encouragement and support the members of the Bollyx community provides to each other is very inspiring.

I look forward to growing my techniques and also helping others find a great way to exercise and to reach their fitness goals while I strive to reach mine. Also, I forgot to mention that you burn a lot of calories in this process.

Finally, happy to be a part of BollyX family. Looking forward to an amazing journey.

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