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Arthi Sriram

Schaumburg, Illinois

Arthi born & brought up in New Delhi, India grew up with so many different cultures. She has been dancing from age of 5, started dancing with few Bollywood songs with friends then did lot of school performances, which showed that she had great passion towards dancing. She felt that it connected to her soul. During and after school she started teaching small children who wanted to dance but didn't know how to put it together. She moved around & outside India but always stayed connected with dance and Bollywood. Life takes turn so her dancing too but it got stopped. In 2015 when she moved to USA she wanted to do something for herself and she started her journey again through fitness. Cardio workouts like Dance Blast and Zumba connected her back to her dancing passion which showed her new opportunities. From the gym when the members and instructors motivated her she decided to start again and satisfy her thirst. Here the BollyX Workout came into her life and she wants to reach out to more people through this format and community.

Other than dancing Arthi is a trained Pastry Chef who loves working with sweets and desserts. Most of the time she is dancing while baking and decorating.

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