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Asmita Barve-Karandikar

Vancouver, BC

Originally from Mumbai (India), Bollywood music and dance were a staple for me, growing up. Extremely shy as a kid, I gathered courage in late-teens to dance on stage in college competitions and shows. I came to the U.S to pursue Masters in Computer Science and have been a software engineer for over 10 years. After being caught up with my job for years, BollyX helped rediscover my passion for dancing. I live in Vancouver with my husband and five year old daughter. When not in front of a computer working, I try to grab every opportunity to dance to a BollyX song with my equally enthusiastic little daughter.

BollyX member since March 2020

Contact Info


Phone: (604) 220 - 4056


Twitter: @AsmiGotIphone


No classes at this time.