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Avika Shukla

Santa Clara, CA

I was born in a small town in India. I am 10 years old. At the age of 3, I gave my first performance on stage at my school in Bangalore, India. I was introduced to Indian classical dance, but couldn't continue because I moved to the US at the age of 5. After moving here, I started learning tap, ballet, and jazz at the age of 7. I am very fond of sports and the great outdoors. I learned Taekwondo and Gymnastics, now I am focusing on my enhancing my dancing skills.

Bollywood dance and music are always around me. I got introduced to BollyX by my mother when she enrolled for BollyX certification.

I am a volunteer performer at WeEmbrace Talent Shows and Dancethon events. You can find me on Instagram, @avikashukla10. You can also check out my Youtube channel, Dance & Fitness with Avika

I am always excited to share my love for dance and fitness, so I became a BollyX Instructor. Come and join me for my Upcoming classes and have fun with me!

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Twitter: @Poonam Shukla


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