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Dana Rivas

Jessup, MD

Dance fitness means freedom and relaxation for me. My love for dance movement began at Donnas Dance a studio, in Oxon Hill, MD and cheerleading in high school. When someone dropped from the squad I remember thinking... "Why would anyone want to stop cheerleading".
I just couldn't understand how someone could not love it as much as I did. While in college at UMBC I joined the dance team. And whenever I could squeeze in an elective outside of my Biology requirements, I always picked a Modern Dance class. When pregnant with my first child I obtained my ACE group fitness Certification. And now... I'm a BollyX Rockstar:)
I published a book called, "How to Find the Path to your Destiny". BollyX is on my path. And I hope it remains with me on my life's journey.

BollyX member since September 2016

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