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Danny Cadet

Westbury, NY

Well here goes:
I am a man of many layers : I am from a Haitian American background but grew up in Queens / Long Island within a very diverse community; As such, I connected well to South Asian music after I mistakenly thought it was Soca (West Indian / Caribbean) music. I’ve danced to Bhangra / Bollywood music since my teens, and during my college years in Boston, danced for many competitive bhangra teams over the years, such as Boston Bhangra, Mera Punjab, and FAUJ Bhangra. And here’s another added tidbit: There’s two of me ( I have a twin!)
By day, I am a Clinical Research Specialist and Site Coordinator with a focus in Prenatal Genetics & Adolescent Health.
Right now, I teach in and around the Manhattan area; I plan to continue and teach in more areas of NYC so stay tuned! We taking this worldwide!

Why BollyX?
What I love and brought me in BollyX is the community-friendliness of its approach; when I first started, I hadn’t danced in some time and I was very nervous; But it was the energy of the class and ease of the instructors that really pushed me out of my comfort zone; In no time I (and everyone else in the room) was going 0-100! Also the dance moves and instruction builds up your confidence and coupled with the music, it really sucks you in! And do you feel it after! After my first class, I was even surprised how much I sweated…Safe to say I was hooked!

Favorite Segment :
It’s gonna be a tie for me for the performance segment, because it reminds me of performing and competing--or like I’m dance battling on a “Saturday-Saturday” with a whole crew of dancers, and the bhangra segments (Moorni, Shoulder, etc.) Diljit is my bae haha. Bruahhhh!

BollyX & The Inner Me:
BollyX has really given me a “second chance” at continuing to dance post-college. It also has resonated in me a renewed sense of confidence and interest in personal health. It’s brought me into a community of people from various backgrounds/fields and improved my networking skillset. BollyX gives me a chance to let loose and have fun, yet at the same time, keep fit and stay on-track toward a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Info

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Twitter: @Danny_KalaSher


TikTok: @kalasher_official

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