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Jonathan Diaz-Perez

Deer Park, TX

Jonathan was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. His first experience dancing BollyX was in 2016. He felt in love with the music, the charisma, the community and, specially, the energy. Therefore he never missed a class and was always in the front row ready to release his inner Rockstar. After 6 months of dancing, he got certified as an instructor and started teaching BollyX Dance Classes twice a week at the University of Houston REC Center. Jonathan, among other things, is a visual artist and had painted several pieces inspired on the Bollywood workout music!

He loves to bring the energy and the enthusiasm to everyone in his class. For him, BollyX is not only about working out, it is the production of endorphins and a way to make a strong bond with people and, of course, a way to have tons of fun. BollyX always bring smiles among all of his athletes, from the young ones to the elderly ones.

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