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Kyoto, JP-26

Karen grew up in Spain in a Spanish- American family. Since childhood she's been fascinated with different cultures and their traditional art forms. She is particularly enamored with art that reinvents cultural traditions to give them new significance in our modern world.

Having always been quite active, Karen has practiced a variety of sports and martial arts throughout her life, until finally discovering belly dance and BollyX after moving to the USA as an adult- two instant loves! BollyX seemed the perfect blend of traditional dance with a modern flavor, packaged in the form of high intensity, FUN physical activity! The quest to get a good cardio workout in without ever touching a treadmill was finally over!

Karen continues to practice belly dance and Tae Kwon Do as well as BollyX, and perfecting her own home workouts. Combining her love of fitness, dance and cross-cultural connections, she hopes to expand interest for BollyX and Bollywood dance in Japan, where she lives now.

BollyX member since May 2020

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+81) 080 9995 6250

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