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Glasgow, SCT

Hi! My name is Komal!

I am a chatty and outgoing fun person who loves to be around people.
Great conversation, great food and music and dance are just a few of my passions in life.
Music and Dance is something that I can not live without. It’s where I lose myself and let myself feel every part, expressing myself through dance.

My passion for dance started from a very young age,and grew up with lots of social gatherings where music , dance and good food was the centre of our family events. Where ever there was music I was there dancing! And that pretty much still stands.

I have always been quite active, going to the gym, trying different classes , as well as trying different styles of dances.

I do several styles throughout the years, including bollywood dance, Salsa dancing and Zumba.

My passion for dance grew more and more as the years went by,
the excitement and happiness I feel while dancing is on an other level…It makes me feel so alive!.
Dancing instantly elevates your mood, happy and feel good vibes going through you.

The lively, energetic music and dance , so upbeat and fun.
I knew then that I wanted to learn and dance Bollywood.
After browsing online looking for Bollywood dance classes , I stumbled across BollyX!
Straight away, I knew this was what I wanted to do!

Absolutely amazing fun dance workout, Dynamic powerful moves and poses that make you feel good, strong and full of confidence. Dancing with lots of swagger!!

BollyX is for all , any dance level or fitness level This class is for you !.

Being a curvy woman myself , I believe it’s not about shape or size, but feeling good in our own skin. Loving who we are on the inside and the outside.
So come join me in this exciting dance fitness class!
BollyX The Bollywood workout,
Have fun, get fit and feel amazing!

See you there!

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