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Lisa Lorraine Taylor

San Diego, CA

Hi, I'm Lisa Lorraine Taylor, Owner of Taylor Made Fitness in San Diego, CA!
Taylor Made Fitness with over 21 years in the Health,Fitness and Nutrition industry offers a wide variety of Fitness and Nutrition programs, online, in-home,studio and outdoors (in selected areas).

Whether you're in San Diego, New York, Atlanta or in the UK, we have a program to help you meet and achieve your goals!

Health,Fitness and Nutritional Background:
• B.S. Holistic Nutrition
• A.S. Nutrition & Optimum Fitness, Psychology and Sociology
• AFAA-Certified Fitness Practitioner-Personal Trainer/ Fitness Counselor/ Primary Aerobics Instructor, Resistance Training Specialist & Examiner
• AFAA CEU Provider
• ACE-Certified Personal Trainer
• ACE-Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant
• FiTour ProTrainer
• Tabata Bootcamp Instructor
• Insanity Instructor
• TurboKick Instructor
• FREESTYLE-Certified Instructor and Personal Trainer
• REEBOK- Certified Cycling Instructor
• CEP-Certified Kickboxing Fitness Instructor
• Certified 40/30/30 Nutrition Consultant
• Specialty Recognition: Prenatal Fitness/Senior Fitness/Nutrition/Exercise for the Overweight/ Strength Training
• Lower body Solution Trainer and Instructor
• Certified Nutritionist
• IFPA Certified Weight Management Instructor
• FiTour Certified Advance Nutrition, Primary Group Instructor/Advance Personal Training/Weight Training for Women

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Twitter: @OBTrainerLisa

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