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Mary William

Scarborough, ON

Mary William is a post RN;BScN /Diabetes Educator nurse in Canada currently working in the East end of Toronto . Her dance passion begun at the age of 3 when she started dancing on the road with a musical group ( Her mother pulled her out 😊) She danced in school/ college completions but medical profession remained higher priority as her parents wanted her to be successful in medical field .
She performed in some events in Toronto . Then her life rolled up in busy medical profession and stressful work .

FINALLY she followed BollyX from past 2 years and her inner rockstar became ALIVE again ! Amazing team of BollyX made her smile again and built up her confidence in teaching !!!! Her goal is to help the community including all ages to improve their health and fitness . Being a diabetes educator , she want to encourage people with Type 2 Diabetes to enjoy and improve their A1C levels !!!!

Dance is Relaxing / Stress reliever and keeps you young !!!!!

BollyX member since October 2019

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Phone: 647-218-7974


Twitter: @Mary WD2


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