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Meenakshi Tripathy

Redwood City, CA

From Fat to Fit to Fabulous : I was a couch potato all my life and at my heaviest reached about 180 lbs...I loved food and it was my outlet to stress, happiness...just about anything. My fitness journey started as a yoga student about 18 years back and I haven't looked back since then...I discovered dancing about 6 years back and the pounds have magically melted away and I am at my thinnest right now ( ~ 115 lbs) ...more importantly I feel incredibly powerful, fit and fabulous. BollyX truly makes me happy – it makes me respect my body, treat it right ( right level of exercising, stretching when I need it, feeding it the right things…) …and it’s unleashed that inner Rockstar in me. Let’s dance together…make your fitness goals come true…have some fun along the way Bollywood Ishtyle and take you to that FABULOUS YOU.

BollyX member since June 2018

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Phone: 6504507653


Twitter: tripathym


No classes at this time.