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Parlin, NJ

Hello BollyX Enthusiasts 

I am Priyanka (Pri) , Born and raised in Mumbai - The city of Bollywood. I moved to New Jersey (USA) in 2009 to live with my amazing husband .Today I am a full Time Data Architect by day and mum of 2 most adorable boys and a Cavalier at night. 

Working on Wall Street for several years, I organically got boxed into the unhealthy fast paced lifestyle that often comes with NYC commute and sitting in front of a computer. Plus the active motherhood kept me in its space time continuum. 

This Pandemic year has given me the chance to reflect on myself, actualize with my non sustaining lifestyle and slow down the pace of life, work on things that should equally matter above all … my mind, body and soul !

BollyX for me ... It's simple , it's fun as it incorporates signature steps mixed with the workout moves on the latest upbeats songs of Bollywood ... it feels like a rocking party everyday and I got inspired to join the BollyX Team. I decided to  pursue this second career as a fitness Instructor so here’s my new dimension…

Hi , I am your new BollyX Instructor on Zoom . My goal is to find the perfect dance numbers, that gets you excited to leave the couch and dance toward your fitness goals, so that you can live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle despite life’s obstacles. so what are you waiting for ?

Simply Sign-up and get ready to have some fun while getting a workout ….. Bollywood style !!!

Priyanka Valsangkar :)

BollyX member since December 2020

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