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Melbourne, VIC

I was born in the heart of Bollywood - Mumbai. Bollywood dance has always been a part of growing up dancing in school and college events like a rockstar !!!
Always been a self trainer learning new choreography and creating my own .

Now I live in Melbourne, Australia a mum of 2 and been working for Bank for over 10 years. Due to desk job, i’m healthy habits I developed medical condition which made me realise it time to change , do something for myself , do something that I enjoy .

Finally I started my fitness journey and eventually got myself Certified in Fitness 3 & 4 and now helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

I LOVE …..
Dancing ( of course)

I run BollyX and other group fitness classes in Gyms and Local Community Centre .
BollyX has not only helped me but also so many of my clients in their fitness journey through dancing .
I still do my my desk job but for few hours and then wear my fitness CAP on .
Heading for a BollyX class is a vacay for me from all my days chores, stress, routine and as said it’s meditation in motion.

I am grateful to be part of this amazing Community ????

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