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Vancouver, BC

Hi there, welcome! I'm Shivani and here to spread my love & passion for dance!

BollyX is a fantastic way to have a super fun dance workout, let loose, and feel like the rockstar that you are!

Dance has always been a big part of my life and a way for me to express myself. It is a way to connect with who I am at my core and radiate that love & joy to the people around me. I can't help but smile and embrace those fun moments as I dance and find it extremely rewarding to share that same experience with others.

A bit about me : I'm currently living and working in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC as a Parent Coach helping families thrive & grow. I was originally born in India, raised in Thailand, and moved to Canada with my family in 2007!

It's been quite the adventure, and dance has been a constant throughout my journey. Whether it be dancing in my room by myself, at a party, as I do chores around the house, or while grocery shopping - I take any moment I can as an opportunity to unleash that inner rockstar!

It is my goal that we can all embrace that fun side of ourselves as we dance & sweat in my BollyX classes.

I welcome any questions/thoughts/comments - please do feel free to connect with me anytime!

See you soon! :)

BollyX member since January 2020

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