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Stephanie Clancy

West Jordan, UT

Hey Rockstars! My name is Stephie. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and started dancing when I was six years old.
I was extrememly shy and anxious when I was a kid, but for some reason, when I was dancing, I was NOT too shy to unleash my inner rockstar! That's why I grew to love dance. I felt so confident on stage because I could express myself without speaking!

Growing up, I danced with an award-winning dance studio, and a drill team that won first in State and National competitions. I choreographed and performed on dance companies and Musical Theater in High School as well. I continued dancing into college and graduated from Brigham Young University. We performed folk dances from around the world (including India!) and went on tour to elementary schools to teach kids about dances from different cultures. I soon learned that Bollywood and Bhangra were by far my favorite dance styles!

Because I know how much dance helps me in my life, I want to keep as many people dancing as possible! I have taught "sit and dance" to the elderly in wheelchairs and fitness classes to patients at mental health hospitals. I have also taught dance as a substitute teacher in Elementary, Junior, and High School students.

I am passionate about people, health, and helping people be happy! I am married to the biggest goofball ever and I have one happy son. I currently live in Cedar City, Utah and I praise God for giving me the ability to dance and share the light of life!

I've danced just about every style of dance there is, and Bollywood is a style everyone can enjoy! You'll get healthy and in shape without even knowing you're exercising because you're having so much fun!!! See you soon, Rockstars! :)

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