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Vanshika Sharma

Carshalton, Surrey

Hello everyone,

Welcome to BollyX workout!

Fitness and dance have always been an important part of my life and I want to help you achieve your fitness goals through Bollywood-inspired dance movements. I am a big believer in pushing my class to have maximum fun while burning calories through dance movements. I promise that you will come out my class happy, cheerful, and energetic and with a lot of sweat!!!

As a child, I grew up immersed around Bollywood movies at home and learning Indian classical dance (kathak) at school and college. After moving to London almost a year ago, I revived my love for Bollywood by attending my first BollyX class. It was energetic, fun, buzzy and totally infectious. I came back home feeling like a rockstar, totally happy and rejuvenated. The best thing about BollyX is that it fits around your pace, so you can choose to do either the high impact movements or the less intense version!

Well that’s that about me, I am really hoping to see as many as you as possible and looking forward to have lots of fun, dancing, cheers, giggles and burning lots of calories !

I run classes every Saturday 11:30-12:10 pm on zoom, here are the details if you would like to join:

Meeting ID: 528 356 7596
Passcode: 124182

Look forward to seeing you !!

BollyX member since December 2019

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