Community Mentor

BollyX® Fitness is actively looking for Community Mentors across our key geographies. The Community Mentor will be responsible for providing support and mentorship to trainees on practical exam preparation. They will also support new instructors with class launches in their local communities. They will report to and work directly with the local Regional Trainer and will support and assist RT’s at Instructor Certification Trainings when needed. They may be asked to lead demos, fundraisers, local community events, and/or special performances to assist the Regional Training Team in expanding BollyX. We are looking for passionate team members who have a strong understanding of BollyX’s culture of feedback as they will be largely responsible for delivering feedback to help trainees and new instructors grow.

Applications for Community Mentors are being accepted on a rolling basis for both BollyX® Cardio Level 1 and BollyX® Low Impact Training (LIT) programs.


  • Support and assist local Regional Trainer(s) at Instructor Certification Trainings when a training has 16 or more registered. Specific responsibilities include checking-in trainees (1 hour at beginning of day), and filming practical exams (2 hours at end of day). For liability reasons, CM’s will not be able to, nor expected to, lead any part of the Master Class or assist in any part of the training lectures and practicals.
  • Mentor at least 4 trainees and help teach them the skills they need to pass the practical exam (2-5 hours per month).
  • Mentor and attend a new instructor’s class launch to provide support and feedback (will vary depending on class launches).
  • Coordinate and manage team networking/bonding events and/or provide opportunities, such as fundraisers/demos/community classes for instructors to practice and receive feedback to improve their teaching abilities (time commitment varies as number of demos, events and fundraisers vary by region).
  • Check-in 1-2 times per month with local Regional Trainer(s) to discuss progress and obtain feedback (1 hour per month).


  • Must be BollyX Certified (passed practical exam) and be subscribed to the BollyX Portal (instructors currently teaching weekly classes are highly preferred)
  • Excellent and timely communication skills required
  • Organized and professional, highly punctual as it relates to scheduling and running demos and events
  • Very high attention to detail, especially as it relates to dance technique
  • Deep understanding of BollyX class format, playlist set up, Bhangra dance technique (as taught in trainings) to assist with exam song
  • Strong understanding of BollyX’s culture of feedback. Community Mentor should seek and be receptive to feedback, and also be able to properly and professionally deliver feedback to trainees/instructors
  • Ability to work efficiently and independently
  • Ability to film videos for assessments

Apply Now

To apply, please send ONE email to with your resume, copies of fitness certifications/licenses, and submission video (see below for more details). Additionally, please submit your application via Google Form and the non-refundable $45 application fee* via PayPal to


5-Song Video Submission Requirements:

  • A continuous video of you teaching five (5) BollyX® songs. It does not have to be a live class but it does have to be one continuous video. Please include the class introduction (less than 90 seconds) and the wide squat set up and demonstration (as taught at Instructor Certification Trainings). The 5 required songs are: Bas Ek Kinng (Bollywood warm-up), Moorni (Bhangra), a Lower Body Strength (instructor’s choice), an Upper Body Strength (instructor’s choice), and a Performance (one time only, instructor’s choice). If applying for BollyX LIT Community Mentor position, please teach Moorni LIT instead of Moorni. If applying for both CL1 and LIT CM positions, please submit one six (6) song video that includes both Moorni and Moorni LIT with your application (only one application needed if applying simultaneously).
  • The best way to film yourself is with a digital camera set up directly in front of you. We need to be able to observe your wide squat easily.
  • Please ensure that your entire body is completely visible at all times (set boundaries so you don’t accidentally dance off screen). If you set the camera to your immediate side (profile view), we won’t be able to properly view your wide squat. We will ask for a resubmit if we aren’t able to view your wide squat alignment or if any body parts are off screen.
  • Videos missing any component of the above listed requirements will not be assessed. Applicants will be notified of the reason and asked to resubmit. To resubmit, applicant must submit another full $45 application fee.
  • Submit your video as ONE unlisted YouTube link, drop box link, or Google drive file when emailing admin your resume and certifications. Ensure this is not a public video (viewable to all) nor a private video (viewable only to yourself). Your video may not be submitted in multiple parts.

*The $45 application fee goes towards the ~2 hours it takes to assess the videos and write a full assessment to the applicant. We feel strongly in the culture of feedback and will provide specific and detailed feedback for all those who submit an application and video. This will enhance your teaching skills as both an Instructor and/or Community Mentor.