Community Mentor

BollyX® Fitness is actively looking for Community Mentors! The Community Mentor will be responsible for

A) providing support and mentorship to new instructors after they pass the practical exam;


B) leading workshops to help online trainees with the practical exam.

They will report to and work directly with the BollyX HQ team and Regional Trainers. We are looking for passionate team members who have a strong understanding of BollyX’s culture of feedback as they will be largely responsible for delivering feedback to help new instructors improve their teaching technique, prepare to launch their first class, and to help them grow their classes. Compensation for this role is both non-monetary (e.g. merchandise credit, portal month, etc.) and monetary. As a Community Mentor, your main focus will be on supporting the BollyX community to help each trainee and instructor grow and succeed.

Applications for Community Mentors are being accepted on a rolling basis for both BollyX® Cardio Level 1 and BollyX® Low Impact Training (LIT) programs.


  • Mentor new instructors (via email/texts or in person), answer questions, provide feedback to help them prepare to teach classes.
  • May occasionally attend a new instructor’s class to provide support and feedback (will vary depending on class launches).
  • Check-in regularly (at least twice per month) with BollyX HQ team to discuss progress and receive coaching on mentoring process.
  • Lead and administrate 2-hour workshops as scheduled (will vary by geography).
  • As part of the training process, CM’s in training will go through the post-training mentorship program in order to understand how the mentoring process works, and to receive feedback themselves; and/or will shadow a 2-hour workshop prior to leading a workshop.


  • Must be BollyX Certified (passed exam) and be subscribed to the BollyX Portal
  • Must be currently teaching or have experience teaching BollyX classes (instructors currently teaching weekly classes are highly preferred)
  • Excellent and timely communication skills required
  • Organized and professional
  • Very high attention to detail, especially as it relates to observing dance/teaching techniques and writing appropriate and relevant feedback
  • Deep understanding of BollyX class format, playlist set up, dance and fitness technique (as taught in manual/training)
  • Strong understanding of BollyX’s culture of feedback. Community Mentor should seek and be receptive to feedback, and also be able to properly and professionally deliver feedback to trainees/instructors
  • Ability to work efficiently and independently
  • Ability to assess submitted videos to deliver appropriate and applicable feedback
  • Ability to film videos for assessment team

Apply Now

To apply:

1) Submit your application via Google Form

2) Submit a non-refundable $25 application fee* via PayPal to

Further instructions regarding the video segment of your application will be provided after receipt of the application form and fee.


*The $25 application fee goes towards the ~1-2 hours it takes to assess the videos and write a full assessment to the applicant. We feel strongly about the importance of seeking and receiving feedback and will provide specific and detailed feedback for all those who submit an application and video. This will enhance your teaching skills as both an Instructor and/or Community Mentor.