Regional Trainer – Application

BollyX® Fitness is actively looking for Regional Trainers in the following regions:

Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Buffalo, NY
Charleston, SC Charlotte, NC Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH Cleveland, OH Dallas, TX
Denver, CO Detroit, MI Edison, NJ
Houston, TX Las Vegas, NV Louisville, KY
Miami, FL Minneapolis, MN Nashville, TN
New Orleans, LA Oklahoma City, OK Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, OR Raleigh-Durham, NC Santa Fe, NM
Seattle, WA St. Louis, MO Washington DC
Toronto, ON Vancouver, BC

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis for the original BollyX Cardio Level 1 program and the BollyX LIT (Low Impact Training) program. Regional Trainers will lead Instructor Certification Trainings as well as coordinate and attend various events such as demo tours, fundraisers and fitness conferences.

To apply:

  1. Email with your resume, copies of fitness certifications/licenses, and submission video (see below for more details).
  2. Submit your application via Google Form.
  3. Submit your $135 application fee via PayPal to

The Role Defined:

As a BollyX® Regional Trainer you will liaise with gyms and studio owners, collaborate with other Regional Trainers and members of the BollyX® community, take an active role in marketing trainings, communicate with potential BollyX® instructors, and lead full-day Instructor Trainings.

To be an effective BollyX® Regional Trainer, you must have a firm knowledge of the BollyX® fitness format and demonstrate high competence in the following areas: teaching, presentation, communication (verbal and written), pre-cueing, rhythm, dance technique, choreography memorization, organization, experience and knowledge in the group fitness/exercise field.

By joining the BollyX® Regional Trainer team, you would be expected to assist and/or lead a minimum of two Instructor Certification Trainings per calendar year (more are encouraged). Time commitment can vary from a minimum of 10 hours to 40 hours per month.

The BollyX® Regional Trainer position is an independent contractor position, with compensation tied to event-based opportunities (e.g. assisting at trainings and workshops). The Regional Trainer program, including roles and responsibilities, will evolve over time.

Why become a Regional Trainer for BollyX®?

  • Gain exposure and expand your network with amazing, passionate individuals across the country
  • Work with the other leaders of BollyX® to help build and expand the community
  • Earn a respected credential within the dance fitness industry
  • Build and develop your leadership ability and fitness expertise
  • Be closely involved in BollyX® events, including conventions, social outings and other event-related opportunities
  • Potentially participate in choreography and/or video production
  • Enable and motivate other fitness instructors to make a positive impact on the world at large
  • Be at the forefront of launching a worldwide fitness movement

Required qualifications: Applicant must…

  • Have a positive attitude and a strong desire to learn, be open to feedback and be an incredibly supportive team player
  • Live in the United States and have legal working status
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be fluent in English
  • Have the BollyX® Instructor Certification and be subscribed to the Online Portal
  • Have the AFAA Group Exercise Certification or a nationally accredited fitness certification such as ACE, NASM, ACSM. If you don’t currently have one, you may show proof of registration for a training within the next 6 months
  • Have a current CPR/AED Certification
  • Have Personal Liability Insurance
  • Currently be teaching weekly BollyX® classes

Preferred additional qualifications:

  • Prior experience leading other group fitness certifications / dance workshops
  • College degree, B.A./B.S.
  • History competing in national dance competitions
  • Competitive South Asian dance expertise
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, including strong communication ability
  • Demonstrated management skills, including strong organizational ability

Application Process & Materials Review Process:

  • Carefully review all of the information on this page.
  • Prepare the items required for application (Form, Resume, Video, Certifications).
  • Submit the application to and $135 fee via PayPal to
  • Preliminary results will be delivered within 2-3 weeks and full assessments within 8-12 weeks on a rolling basis as applications are received and evaluated. You will be notified via email if you are invited to a live audition and/or phone (video chat) interview for the BollyX® Regional Trainer position. Further details and next steps will be coordinated at that point.

To apply, please submit the items listed below to

  • I. Application Form
  • II. Resume
  • III. Video of full length class
  • IV. Certifications
  • V. $135 Application Fee

Each of these application components and steps are explained in more detail below:

I.Application Form:

  • Fill out this short Google Form.
  • Read the help text below each question for tips and guidelines.

II. Resume:

  • Please keep your resume to no longer than one page in length.
  • Keep in mind that experience can be broad – not all have to be related directly to fitness (i.e., even leadership roles in non-fitness, but established professional organizations are valuable for us to see and evaluate).

III. Video:

  • A continuous 50-55 minute video of you teaching a BollyX® class with at least 5 participants following the class format (include the class introduction, the wide squat set up and demonstration, MOORNI, and at least one folk and one Bollywood song). Feel free to include another Bhangra in addition to Moorni.
  • The best way to film your class is with a digital camera or camcorder on a tripod set up in the center of the class (if you teach facing the class) or at a 45 degree angle of your teaching position (the camera will capture you in person and your reflection in the mirror if you teach facing mirror). We need to be able to observe your wide squat and your class participants.
  • Please ensure that your entire body is completely visible at all times (set boundaries so you don’t accidentally dance off screen). If you set the camera to your immediate side, we won’t be able to properly view your wide squat so please double check the camera angle prior to recording your class. We will ask for a resubmit if we aren’t able to view your wide squat alignment.
  • Videos missing any component of the above listed requirements will not be assessed. Applicants will be notified of the reason and $100 of the $135 application fee will be returned. To resubmit, applicant must submit another full $135 application fee.
  • Submit your video as ONE unlisted YouTube link, drop box link, or Google drive file when emailing admin your resume and certifications. Ensure this is not a public video (viewable to all) nor a private video (viewable only to yourself). Your video may not be submitted in multiple parts.

IV. Certifications:

  • Scanned pdf or jpg files of certifications
  • Hyperlinks to any online fitness profiles (if applicable)

V. Application Fee:

  • $135 fee payable via PayPal to
  • Fee includes application processing as well as detailed assessment of your video submission. You will receive a complete assessment report of your video submission, including constructive feedback that will help you grow as an instructor.
  • Your application will not be reviewed until the application processing fee is received and all required documents/video are submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions about the BollyX® Regional Trainer Position

Question: What if I don’t currently have the AFAA Group Exercise Certification? Do I need to show a proof of registration as part of my application?

Answer: You may still apply to be a BollyX® Regional Trainer without an AFAA Group Exercise Certification. However, your application won’t be assessed until you show proof that you have registered for the certification training. The RT application fee is $135, which you have to submit when you apply with the other required documents. Submitting proof of AFAA registration with your application means we we will look at your application. If you get accepted into the RT in Training program, you may begin the training process but you won’t be allowed to lead any trainings on your own until you get your AFAA Group Exercise Certification.

Question: How do I go about obtaining personal liability insurance and what is the general cost for that?

Answer: As a BollyX® Regional Trainer, you are required to have personal liability insurance to cover yourself when you lead trainings and teach various demo classes. Some gyms require non-employees who teach classes at their facilities to have this insurance. BollyX® has obtained a discount for all their instructors at Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation. The link to sign up is: It’s $99 per year, which is a less than the average rate of $150 per year at other companies.

Question: What is the main focus of the 50-minute video assessment (i.e. execution of the pre-choreographed dance moves with proper technique, pre-cueing and/or ability to connect)? Is the expectation that I am doing the dance moves continuously throughout the video? Do I need to be teaching facing the class or facing the mirror? Is it ok if I occasionally stop dancing to coach/cue/interact with my class?

Answer: You have to film an uninterrupted full length 50-55 minute class starting from your introduction through the BollyX® signature closing after the cool down. We want to see how you teach the class, how you set up the playlist, your dance technique (high impact demonstration required for BollyX® Cardio Level 1 applicants), your connection with the class, and your ability to visually pre-cue consistently on the 7-count. You may do verbal pre-cueing as well but visuals must be demonstrated as shown from our trainings. If you want to be a BollyX® Regional Trainer, you have to demonstrate that you can do what you will be teaching and mentoring trainees to do. If your style of teaching is to frequently stop mid-song to coach, that’s ok, but we don’t recommend doing it often. The full length video of you dancing mostly non-stop allows us to assess your cardiovascular endurance to do the moves all out with the class. We want to ensure you have the cardio stamina to teach the high intensity interval training (HIIT) format demonstrating high impact movements as a fitness role model. Also, you have to demonstrate an exceptional wide squat to show us you have the know-how and muscular endurance to maintain it during specific songs.

Question: How long is the training process, if I am accepted into the BollyX® RT in Training (RTT) program? What sort of time/travel commitment does the RT Training entail?

Answer: If you are accepted into the RT in Training program, you are required to shadow at least two full 9-hour trainings with no payment. We recommend shadowing local trainings to save on travel fees (BollyX® doesn’t reimburse or pay for any fees related to shadowing). When you shadow, you may be assigned a section to lead during the training to get feedback. BollyX® has a strong culture of feedback since we believe we can all improve and grow as a team and company if we always seek and embrace feedback. Each person is different when going through the RTT program, but once 2-3 shadowings of trainings have occurred, you’ll most likely be ready to lead a training on your own.

Question: What is the required minimum time commitment of a BollyX® Regional Trainer?

Answer: BollyX® Regional Trainers are required to lead at least 3 trainings per year minimum. Each training is 9-hours long which does not include commute time to the training, prep work needed for each training, and the post-training administrative communications/tasks required to close out the training. We estimate that, on average, 2-3 hours of pre-training prep work, and about 2-3 hours of post-training work is needed for each training. We try to limit commute time by assigning trainings in your local geography. However, if you enjoy traveling, you may let HQ know that you’re able and willing to travel out of state for trainings.

Please email with any questions or concerns. Thanks, and ROCK ON!!!