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Murphy, NC

She is Anita Nieva Rosas, she is from Argentina, in 2019 she moved to the United States and currently lives in Murphy, North Carolina. She graduated from the Catholic University of Salta in Argentina with a bachelor's degree in international relations. She has been dancing since she was 6 years and took classes of Jazz, Hip Hop, Irish Dance, Brazilian Samba, and Reggaeton.

She became an official member of the CID the International Dance Council in February 2022, a global non-governmental organization founded within UNESCO.

Since 2011 she dances and teaches Indian Dances. She has been trained in different styles such as Bollywood, Kuthu, Western and Northern Folk dances like Garba, Kalbelia, Bhangra and Giddha with teachers from India, Argentina, Spain, UK and US. Anita loves bhangra and she specialized in teaching this folk dance, she has learned it mainly from the indian community from Punjab established in the north of Argentina. She is currently a cultural ambassador of Bhangra Dance and was the first dancer to represent Argentina in the World Bhangra Council. She has also organized bollywood and bhangra workshops for cultural events, yoga centers and dance studios in Argentina.

During her time living in Argentina, she has organized cultural events such as India Independence Day, Republic Day of India, Argentina loves India, among others. Her cultural activities obtained recognition by the Embassy of India in Argentina giving her a Cultural Endorsement in recognition of her efforts to strengthen cultural ties between India and Argentina.

She is excited to continue teaching indian dances in US and Argentina as a BollyX Certified Instructor as a fun and energetic way to do bollywood workout.

She is currently teaching Bollywood dance classes at the Cherokee County Arts Council in Murphy, North Carolina.

In October 2023 she became a Zumba Certified Instructor exploring this new journey in teaching Latin dance.

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