Become a Certified BollyX Instructor

  • Step 1Sign up for a training (we offer 3 types of training: online, over Zoom, and in-studio)
  • Step 2 – Activate your instructor portal (access your training materials immediately)
  • Step 3 – Complete your certification (take a master class & pass an online multiple choice exam)
  • Step 4 – Prepare to launch a class (receive 1-on-1 mentorship to launch our pre-choreographed format with success)
  • Step 5 – Launch your BollyX class with world-class tools and a community of 4,000+ instructors to support you!

Choose Your Training Style

  • Online Training – Complete your certification at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. You’ll have step-by-step guidance from a Community Mentor/Trainer as you train, certify, create your playlist, teach your first class, and learn how to harness the power of our marketing tools! There are no deadlines and no pre-requisites. All fitness levels welcome. We’ll also help you decide between getting certified to teach BollyX and/or BollyX Low Impact. And don’t worry if you pick the wrong format! You can always switch later if you find one to work better for you than the other :)
  • Virtual Training (over ZOOM) – Everything in online training plus you’ll get to attend a ~3 hour virtual training session conducted by a Community Mentor/Trainer over ZOOM. This virtual training experience simulates the practical guidance and lecture components typically received during Live (in-person) workshops.
  • In-Studio Workshop – Complete your certification with a combination of online pre-learning AND in-studio live learning. You’ll receive the same mentoring and support from signup through class launch. The only difference is you’ll receive additional live assistance to help you complete your certification. It is highly encouraged that you go through the online manual BEFORE your workshop so you can make the most of your training day. Workshops are ~3.5 hours, including a 50-minute master class to kickoff the session (optional to attend, but highly encouraged).

Can Anyone Do This?

Absolutely. One of the best things about our training process is that we tailor it to YOU! Every person has their own unique journey in fitness – training programs should mirror that.

Many of our members use our instructor training program to gradually build up their skills, technique, rhythm, fitness level and confidence, taking things one song at a time until they feel ready to take the next step. Others use BollyX to destress and keep active – sometimes, all it takes to achieve your goal is a team to help keep you accountable, to cheer you on and help remind you that your fitness dream IS achievable! More experienced fitness instructors can utilize our fast-track to launch classes within weeks. It really doesn’t matter which route you take – our philosophy is, as long as we are all progressing together, empowering each other, receiving useful feedback to help us grow, and building a true family in the process – that’s what BollyX is all about.

Read real stories about BollyX rockstars just like you!

How Does Teaching & Payment Work?

BollyX provides you with all the tools that you need to launch a branded, safe and effective Bollywood-inspired fitness class. We train you in our class format, we certify you to teach, and we give you access to hundreds of choreographies to help you teach BollyX classes anywhere you like. Could be at your local gym, studio, community center, office, school campus, hospital, non-profit site or even in your backyard! Just about anywhere you can imagine. You can set your own prices (with help and guidance from our community experts), and any money you make while teaching you keep 100%! The only requirement from BollyX (aside from smiling with ALL your teeth???) is that you maintain an active instructor membership, for which we charge one of the most affordable rates in the industry. Many comparable programs cost over $300 for just training alone, plus an additional $30-$35 per month in subscription (membership) fees. With our program, you get everything you need for over 50% less than the cost of those comparable programs.

BollyX Instructor Portal Access

Monthly Membership – Maintain your BollyX certification ($20/month). Receive:

  • Access to our online instructor training portal, including monthly choreography releases
  • 5+ new choreographies released every month to hot Bollywood, Bhangra and Top 40 songs
  • Detailed choreography notes along with song translations, tips and tricks, and a growing library of tutorials
  • Ongoing 1-on-1 mentorship from Regional Trainers and Community Mentors to help you prepare to launch a class
  • Apply for CEUs (Continuing Education Units) with AFAA, ACE, and NASM
  • Instructor certificate upon completion of your training
  • Permission to use BollyX logo and branded marketing materials in class & event promotions
  • Ability to list your classes on the BollyX website (like this, for example!)
  • Exclusive discounts in our BollyX Swag Shop
  • Access to our exclusive BollyX Instructor community Facebook group
  • VIP invites to special community events
  • 24/7 Customer Support!

Membership – Membership fees for comparable dance fitness programs are around $30-$40/month, making BollyX one of the most affordable certifications on the market. And in case you’re thinking, “there’s gotta’ be a catch!”… nope, there’s no catch! Our membership prices are actually increasing soon, so hop on before prices go up!

For more information on maintaining your certification, please visit our FAQ page.

Now’s the time to jump on board – let’s grow this movement together!


  • Instructor Review

    You guys have all been so great. I had a great sense of accomplishment afterwards as it was very challenging. I really think it was the group connection and encouragement that was going on in here that helped so much! And I’m teaching my first BollyX demo in a couple weeks! Love the energy and it is contagious! Hope it spreads! Rebecca Fleck
  • Instructor Review

    New to the concept of BollyX…I dived headlong into the instructor training program! I can say with absolute integrity that this has certainly been the best decision I have ever made! I was mentored and constantly motivated by my Regional Trainer. I am super thrilled to be a part of the team! Tanya Ohri Fremont, CA
  • Instructor Review

    I found the BollyX online training program extremely effective and personally most importantly, convenient. As a full-time dance studio owner and dancer, it becomes difficult to manage your routinely responsibilities and other activities outside of those. But the online training program gave me an opportunity to pursue a BollyX certification and still manage my daily tasks. The program is what you make of it – there are so many helpful and detailed tutorials covering class material, dance technique and class format. The personal guidance and feedback you receive along the way is priceless! I definitely feel well prepared to crush my first BollyX class! Kruti Shah New Jersey
  • Instructor Review

    The online certification course enabled me to learn authentic techniques about various styles of South Asian dance with ease. The details of the format, basic steps and goals behind BollyX are provided in the tutorial vidoes. The breakdown of the course and steps were provided with which I felt like I am attending a live training class. A whatsapp group of all the online trainees was made which gave me the opportunity to connect with people all around. The support and encouragement received by the co-trainees was incredible. Timely feedbacks and guidance was given throughout the coursework. I would definitely recommend this program for students who have busy schedule and want this certificate with their ease. Kinjal Khatri New Jersey
  • Instructor Review

    I actually enjoyed the online training for BollyX and was glad I was able to really watch the videos and understand what needed to be done precisely. However I didn’t really think it necessary to do so many videos and submissions and I hope it would’ve taken a shorter time to finish! But that being said everything else was very smooth and I’m so glad to be a part of it Riya Shah New Jersey