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Anita Bhatia

Pleasanton, CA

Anita began dancing at the age of 8, training in Bollywood and Bhangra which led her performing at various cultural shows. In high school she joined a student based co-ed Bollywood dance team that won several competitions in the Bay Area. In addition, she had also been training with Mona Khan Dance Company and eventually auditioned and became one of the principal emerging performers. One of her favorite moments with the company was performing at the “Shaan Se” concert with the famous Indian singer Shaan back in 2011.

Since Anita has so much love and passion for dance she started teaching Bollywood dance classes and became a BollyX instructor. She has a BA in Kinesiology and hopes to incorporate her knowledge and training into her fitness classes. Her goal is to motivate individuals to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

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