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Järved, Västernorrland

Hi I'm Aurore! I have been dancing basically since I could walk but never professionally. I have explored various dance styles from modern jazz to folk dancing and this led me to a Bollywood class in Paris around 2013. I enjoyed learning the choreographies but most of all the happy feeling it gave me, and the Bollywood smile came naturally while I was dancing.

Life led me to Northern Sweden in 2015 and no Bolly in sight there. After a few long, danceless years, I found BollyX and started my journey. The smile I had while dancing came right back, even through the sweat of the most intense choreographies!

2022, after BollyX saved my sanity during the Covid period, I decided that it was time to spread that happiness to the rest of the world and become a BollyX instructor.

Time to start smiling! Let's go!

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