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Ayesha Jhanji

Orland Park, IL

Hey everyone! My name is Ayesha and I am a BollyX LIT (Low Impact Training) Instructor. I started the instructor training process in April 2024; however, I have been familiar with BollyX for quite some time now. During COVID and even after I gave birth to my daughter, I wanted to pursue a more fit lifestyle. I leaned heavily on BollyX YouTube videos and many other Bollywood dance workout videos to get back into shape. I connected instantaneously with BollyX once I started watching the workout videos and dancing alongside them. The songs, the moves, and the expressions allowed me the chance to do what I love while getting fit!

I also am a Bollywood movie fanatic so naturally Bollywood dancing is my passion! The beats, the energetic vibe, and the expressions… they take me into another world where I truly can dance my heart out. I also have danced Bollywood style during my high school years and collegiate level garba-raas through my undergraduate college’s dance team (UCSD Raas Ruckus) and fell in love with traditional moves and music too.

Fast forward to this year- after reading about the instructor training process, I realized that bringing BollyX to the suburb of Chicago where I reside wouldn’t be as challenging as I thought. Hence, I signed up for the training and here we are now!

Dance does more for me than just keep me fit. It inspires me, allows me to express myself, makes me feel happy and carefree, and invigorates me. I can’t wait to share my passion with you! I hope to see you at one of my classes soon!

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