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BenasheerMariam BasheerAhamed

Dayton, NJ

I am a dedicated choreographer and dancer with over 6 years of experience. I have worked with dancers and actors of all ages and experience levels. I am particularly adept at organizing live performances, expertly integrating costumes and props as I develop comprehensive routines. My specialties include large theater productions and demonstrations done in public areas.

I am also an energetic and enthusiastic Zumba instructor with over 3 years’ experience and a passion for total fitness and overall well-being. I work comfortably with individuals of all fitness levels to improve strength, reduce weight and maximize health.

In addition, I am an analytical problem-solver, able to multi-task as I manage time efficiently and make use of my finely honed communication skills.

I have an innate ability to develop new versions of existing dance routines, even receiving creative choreography awards in Bollywood dance. I am delighted to entertain children through dance activities at birthday parties, drawing on my sense of rhythm and timing, and combining balance, poise and posture into limber, springy, supple, yet relaxed movements.

I choreograph and direct dance performances, as well as plan and deliver dance lessons, either one-on-one or in a group setting. I integrate technical proficiency, physical ability and physical fitness into well-coordinated body movements. I am able to utilize my own fitness, stamina and naturally flexible body as a dedicated, responsible, Zumba and Bollywood instructor, keeping my craft fresh and modern by participating in dance competitions, My lessons are personable and friendly. I am particularly fond of one-on-one instruction, which allows for broad creativity, maintaining health and safety requirements in all settings.

Outside the dance studio, I am an experienced quality assurance analyst with demonstrated experience and talent in the internet industry. I am skilled in SQL, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), requirements analysis and Agile methodologies, based on my Bachelors' degree in Marketing Management from Annamalai University.

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