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Welcome to my page!

Music and dance are a vivid part of the happy memories associated with family & friends; frankly a saviour during challenging times. Lyrics provide us with comfort and inspiration, the harmonies & melodies energize or calm us and when the base drops it galvanizes us to dance!

I have always been a lover of music & dance, as well as a dance fitness enthusiast. It's such a fun and freeing way to maintain good health and movement. I started my journey with Folk Dance, Garba, Raas (traditional Gujarati dances) competitions in Grade 4, then continuing to choreograph for various Culture Shows.

Finding BollyX was a perfect fit, it gives me a platform to bring people together through dance fitness whether it's for corporate wellness, fundraising or ongoing classes. Allowing me to amalgamate years of dancing and leadership into a program promoting fun & fitness.

I'm a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through canfitpro and have been teaching BollyX virtually through 2020/2021. Feel free to reach out for more information!

Summer 2022 Classes Registration Link

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