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Hazard, KY

My name is Cassandra and I'm a licensed attorney.
The first song I ever danced to was, "Hey Mickey" at 1 year old. With that being said, music has always moved me. It has always put a spell on me and my body just moves.
In high school, I earned the nickname "Footloose" because I danced. In college, anytime there was a party with music, I was there dancing and smiling. I began taking Zumba classes locally while I was attending the community college in Hazard. I loved the routines and intensity.
Upon entering law school in Virginia, I somewhat forgot about dancing. It had been my choice of exercise and stress relief for so long and I stopped. My pants fit a bit tighter around my waist and I actually developed tachycardia. There was an extremely emotional time during my first year of law school and I picked up dancing once more and felt much better.
Upon graduating law school I left for Seattle Washington. I spent May through July studying my bum off to pass the Uniform Bar Exam and once again, forgot studying. I turned to stress eating.
In August of 2018, I made my way through Belltown and found this dance fitness class, BollyX. Curious, I walked in and paid and waited. At first glance, I was mortified how out of shape I was and how hard this was. Not one to quit, I returned through the week and also started Zumba classes there as well. BollyX was my absolute favorite though. I loved jumping to Bom Diggy. I loved the cute tune of The Goggle Song. I felt strong dancing to Hookah Bar. I toned up and felt empowered about my image once again.
I left Seattle and came back to Hazard KY where BollyX does not exist. At first I bought On-Demand and found a local aerobics room to dance by myself. I finally passed the Uniform Bar Exam and I'm licensed to practice law in Minnesota, but that just didn't cut how bored and out of shape I had become once again. Luckily I've been able to join up with the instructors from Seattle during the pandemic and I've gotten to rock out with them to Dheeme Dheeme and Haan Main Galat, to name a few.
Unfortunately, the Zoom classes won't last forever and seeing as I'm stuck in Kentucky for awhile, I've made it my mission to get BollyX here. I want to share this with my hometown. I want more people to find happiness in dancing. Plus, it will keep me straight on my own exercise schedule. Am I afraid to fail? Absolutely, but I'm more afraid to never try.
Every time I play Hookah Bar, I still feel how I did when I first danced to it in Seattle, strong.

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