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Jay Jagdish

Culver City, California

I am Jay and I love to dance! I am also a Bollywood buff and can sing almost every song word to word. The high energy nature of BollyX brought me here and there is nothing that excites me more than a room full of hip shaking, loud and fun dancers.

I have been teaching dance fitness for a year but i missed the nuances that Bollywood music affords - the turning of the hips, the eye expressions and the fluid movements. I believe people come to class to shake off their stress as much as they do for fitness. I tell my students to leave everything but their physical self at the door; I believe that the one hour that they spend with me should be the best hour of the day during which they dance, smile, party and end up getting a kick-ass workout as well.

I enjoy motivating people to let loose, have fun and get fit. Every class is a small community where we all come together to empower each other, feel good, be fit and support each other in having a healthy body and mind. No matter how you walk in to class, you should walk out smiling and sweating - that's my goal! :)

I bring my energy, rhythm and fun to the class and expect students to bring only one thing - their smile! Come shake it up with me :)

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