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Payal Patel

Clifton Park, NY

Growing up, I was always the girl who danced at every family event. I was and still am a Bollywood dance fanatic who choreographs every second I get. Whether I am in the car or waiting in line at a store, the sound of music floods my thoughts with dance steps. Being trained in Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance, I have been able to develop my dance skills to another level. After completing my course in Bharatanatyam back in 2014, I had to find an easy alternative to get my cardio in. I found myself hitting the gym every day, but I dreaded the treadmill. Fortunately, BollyX has been able to provide me with a platform where I can get my cardio in without having to constantly look at the clock and can truly have fun while doing it! Preparing for my CPA exams by day and unleashing my inner Rockstar by night has definitely become my motto in life!

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