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Salonee Rege

San Francisco, CA

Salonee is a BollyX instructor based out of San Francisco,California. An avid dancer since childhood, Zumba was Salonee’s workout choice all during the global pandemic of 2020. However like most things, monotony set in and while looking for a change, Salonee was introduced to BollyX and needless to say has loved it ever since.

A trained Bharatnatyam dancer from back in India, she has performed her Arrangetram at the age of 14. She has participated in various cultural shows in Pune, India representing her college in inter-college dance competitions.

After completing her Master's degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California, she currently works as a Software Engineer in the San Francisco Bay area. In her own words, "Having achieved my dream to work in the Silicon valley, I now hope to pursue my other dream of becoming a dance instructor."

Join her classes on Zoom every Monday (6 pm PDT) and Saturday (10 am PDT) !

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