BollyX Choreographer

If you are passionate about BollyX® and enjoy choreographing routines, consider joining our team as a Choreographer! As BollyX is a pre-choreographed format, this role would allow you to express your creativity and directly contribute to our company’s product. Please note that choreographing for BollyX is currently a voluntary, unpaid position (subject to change as the program develops). However, you will be part of a growing and supportive team of creative people who love Bollywood. Plus, it’s fun to see the community dancing to your moves! We are accepting applications now on a rolling basis.


  • Must maintain your BollyX Instructor Certification (member of the BollyX portal).
  • Teaching a weekly class is preferred but not required.
  • Willing to communicate on WhatsApp with the rest of the team on song and choreo ideas.
  • Willing to use Trello – a free task management app that provides a visual overview of what songs are assigned and to who.
  • Must be agreeable to the editing team making changes to (and in some cases not using) your choreography. Feedback on why changes were made will be given upon request only but we highly encourage asking, to help you learn our thought process behind the changes and perhaps help you improve your choreography process specifically for BollyX!
  • Must be willing to teach the officially released BollyX choreography in your BollyX classes of a song you may have contributed to and offered choreography for.

Important note: At BollyX, we consider choreography an art. Like with all creative work, it is highly subjective; what one person finds amazing may not inspire someone else. And that’s ok! It’s why Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors of ice cream! We factor in choreography that is appropriate and inclusive for a fitness class, and it is extremely important that we collaborate as a team to ensure that the choreography we release to our community has been thoroughly vetted for safety, to show a balance between simpler and more complex moves, and, of course, to show that Bollywood flair!


  • Choreographers can assign themselves up to three songs to choreograph at one time.
  • There is no minimum number of assignments one has to complete – the role can be as demanding as you wish, choreographing as frequently or infrequently as you like.
  • Due dates for assignments are typically one month away. However, this is a flexible deadline. If a song is designated high priority, the due date will then change to one week away from assignment. If a choreographer is unable to meet a deadline, he or she can message Dalia Debs to give her a head’s up.


  • Ability to test your choreography to unreleased songs in your class
  • Direct collaboration with BollyX HQ and other choreographers around the world
  • Recognition as a creative contributor within our community
  • The ability to expand your positive impact within the BollyX community

Apply Now

We are not currently taking applications, but feel free to join our instructor community to get to know our program better by signing up for a BollyX Instructor Certification Workshop!

Please Note: BollyX reserves the right to remove individuals from this position if they no longer show a commitment to professionalism, collaboration and team building, as well as our Code of Conduct.