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Aditi Ramchandani

Los Angeles, CA

Aditi started dancing at the age of 11 learning multiple Indian classical dance forms including Bharatnatyam and Kathak. She loved dancing and competing in various competitions growing up. She also served as a leader on the board of many dance competitions and shows including Bhangra Blowout, Raas Chaos, and Best of the Best.

It's been her dream to get back into dancing as an adult, and after having recently lost 55 pounds, she's excited to start groovin and shakin as a BollyX LIT teacher. She loves bringing the fun, grace, and hip dance moves from Bollywood dance to people wherever she is. She teaches pop-up BollyX LIT classes in different cities, with her home base in Los Angeles, California.

As her profession, she is an Intuitive Marketing Strategist for business owners and a Women's Leadership Coach.

Check out her FB page to follow for updates and see if she'll be hosting a class near you!

BollyX member since June 2018

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Twitter: aditicreative


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