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Akanksha Jain-Taylor

Hyde Park, MA

I was born & raised in India, studied in New York and currently work and live in Boston (even though I didn't live in NY for a long time, I consider myself a New Yorker at heart). My dancing journey began as a child when I learned a traditional Indian dance called Katthak for a few years. I then tried many different dance styles like hip-hop and freestyle but I've always been drawn to the diversity, boldness, and energy in Bollywood dancing. When I first found out about BollyX, the idea of Bollywood dancing taking a mainstream fitness approach really appealed to me, and here I am a few years later as a BollyX instructor myself. I'm truly excited about the journey ahead of me as a dance fitness instructor, and I'm hoping to inspire more people to learn that fitness can be super fun. Lastly, I'm pumped that as a team, we at BollyX will be able to show people that there is a whole world of amazing songs and dancing out there called Bollywood!

BollyX member since January 2019

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Twitter: @Akanksha Jain-Taylor


  • Tuesday
  • Nov. 30, 2021
  • 5:30 PM to 6:15 PM
  • Healthworks Fitness Center for Women
  • 1300 Boylston St
  • Chestnut Hill, MA
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