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Redding, CA

Hi! I’m Ali. I live in Redding, California but am originally from Minnesota.

I was first introduced to Bollywood music and movies in college in Mankato, Minnesota through my friends in the South Asian Club in 2005. After they asked me to perform with them on stage to awesome Bollywood songs at the college’s international festival, I was hooked. I became so obsessed with it, trying to learn as many Bollywood/Bhangra moves as possible, that they called me the “Indian Queen”. I am convinced that it is the most fun and uplifting dance genre in the world, with an infectious spirit that should be accessible to everyone!

I’ve been a dancer for 25+ years and a dance and fitness instructor for 11+ years (Zumba, yoga, Pilates, Group X licensed). Zumba has been the gateway to bring fun dance styles from around the world to my students, and has included some Bollywood aspects. However, I have been notorious for integrating even more Bollywood songs and moves than the average instructor into my routines and students love it. In 2013, I held a Bollywood/Bhangra and belly dance fusion technique and performance workshop in Roseville, MN, similar to the BollyX format. Between 2014-2016 I launched and coached my own Bollywood performance team at my grad school in Monterey, California.

I am excited to see Bollywood fitness as an official program through BollyX, because every instructor knows, the more support you have, the better! I am also hoping to introduce BollyX to a gym or a Zoom livestream class near you, especially in Northern California.

BollyX member since June 2021

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