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Ana Palencia


My name is Ana Palencia I am from EL Salvador in central America my passion for dancing started when I was a child.
When I moved to San Francisco California in 2007, I started to look for ways to develop my passion for dancing that’s how I decided to become a dancing instructor.

I dominate every rhythm Such as salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reguetton and Samba.
Also I teach Zumba classes in several locations in the bay area.
I love to dance with people with diferent background and also I m bilingual English/Spanish
Two years ago I learned about bhangra and Bollywood, I was fascinated with this music and dancing.
And I was more interested I was looking for ways to become an instructor in this discipline.
I found bollyX which is a Bollywood Inspired cardio fitness program that combines a dynamic workout with music from India.

I am going to begin BollyX classes in 2019

BollyX member since June 2018

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Phone: 4159479254


No classes at this time.