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Anjali Jain

San Jose, California

Anjali has been passionate about Bollywood dancing as far as her memory can go back. She started learning Bollywood dance in India at a very early age and has performed at various events. She always encourages others to dance to the tunes of Bollywood numbers. She remembers encouraging others who shy away from dancing as "Bolly dancing is as simple as swaying like a strong tree will sway in a thunderstorm". Dance from the heart and every step falls in the place. Anjali has choreographed dance sequences that were performed in Sunnyvale Diwali mela and Cupertino Diwali mela.

Anjali is also a 200HR certified Yoga instructor and Certified for Online Trauma-Informed Yoga.
She believes that Yoga and dance is for all body types. She strives to create a safe, fun and welcoming environment for her students. She believes in holding and creating a space for her students so that they can enjoy the class without any barriers or judgement. In addition to dance and yoga, she loves hiking and is always ready to get the expert tips from the Pros to hike Half Dome (wishlist).

In addition to being a fitness enthusiast, Anjali is Post Grad from IIT and is working as an Engineer in Silicon Valley.
As a Dance instructor Anjali strives to see that her students reach their fitness goals. Anjali also believes that fitness routine does not have to be dull and boring and BollyX's format of dance based fitness makes every minute a party during the class. Join Anjali in her BollyX class. BollyX classes provide an extremely fun, addictive and efficient platform to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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