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Ann Moses

Oregon City, OR

Hi BollyX friends!
I'm Ann. I've always loved the humor, passion, dance and music in Bollywood movies and was thrilled to find those come together in BollyX.

I grew up in Chicago. Summers I swam in Lake Michigan and in the winter shoveled snow. After a career as a public high school history teacher, I moved out west to Oregon where our family now farms. If you played the game the Oregon Trail, my town, Oregon City, was your final destination!

I currently hold BollyX Cardio certification and am about to enter my mentorship to complete BollyX LIT certification. I'm also licensed in Zumba Basic 1, Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning. I have AFAA certification in Group Fitness and have CPR/AED training. I look forward to seeing you Rock Stars on the dance floor.

BollyX member since June 2019

Contact Info


Phone: 6302976321

Instagram: Moses

No classes at this time.