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Annabella Gong

Cambridge, MA

Originally from Chapel Hill, NC, Annabella is a lifelong dancer, training in ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance throughout her childhood. While in undergrad at the University of Chicago, she discovered and fell in love with South Asian dance. After graduation, she moved to Cambridge, MA, and by serendipity, stumbled upon BollyX at her community gym. Her first BollyX class (with the inimitable Dalia Debs) instantly transported her back to the fun and joy that the South Asian dance community elicited for her in college, and she was hooked.

BollyX is Annabella's ultimate happy place, where nothing beats the rush of a rewarding workout from high energy dancing to incredible music with the most awesome, welcoming community. As an instructor, Annabella wants to create a similar class environment where you feel pushed to your limits while having a blast. She strongly believes that smiling large and sweating hard go hand in hand.

Annabella's favorite dance styles are Bhangra, Bollywood, jazz, and anything fusion. In her day job, Annabella works in asset management.

BollyX member since July 2021

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Email: [email protected]


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