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Christine Willett

Hanover, MD

I have been a dancer all my life and have studied different styles from Chinese Folk Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Belly Dance, Ballroom, Dance Hall, and more. I also have a great interest in fitness. I have trained and ran multiple half marathons and one full marathon, along with being a Zumba instructor for a few years now.

I discovered Bollywood Dance at a workshop a few years ago and was hooked! I loved it so much that my instructor and I collaborated to start a Bollywood Dance company of our own- Thumak Dance Company. Combining my interests in dance and fitness, I started off teaching Zumba at our academy and I am now excited to teach BollyX here and get people as addicted to it as I am!

BollyX member since April 2021

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]


Twitter: @dancethumak


No classes at this time.