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Chuch Panesar

Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Music and dance heals and feeds my soul. I recently moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, originally born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya of Indian origin. My ancestors are from the land of Bhangra....Punjab!

My journey with dance started when my parents would put me up on a stage or cheer me on at weddings and play Alaap's, "Teri chunni de sitare" which translates to "The stars on your scarf".

Living in Africa, I was exposed to and participated in local traditional folk dances and songs too. I later grew to train and choreograph dance routines in shows and in 1989, my high school bhangra group, won first place in the Kenya Music Festival and were invited to perform their winning number for the then President of Kenya.
I have to admit that living most of my life in Kenya, I grew to love many dance forms. I like to think of myself as the Kenyan, Punjabi, Maasai.....who knows what this will evolve to here in Oz.

My journey with BollyX is to reconnect and share my love for this amazing dance culture with the ability to keep moving, knowing that everyone has an inner child just waiting to come out and dance. No matter what age you are! Come on out and shine BollyX style.

BollyX member since July 2017

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