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Darshi Bassi

rochester, MN

Hello! My name is Darshi Bassi and I have always had an interest in fitness, particularly dancing. I consider dance not only a physical activity but also a form of artistic expression that provides immense mental stimulation. I love Kathak, which is an Indian classical dance form, and also enjoy bollywood and bhangra dance moves.

I am an AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) certified group fitness instructor and teach adults as well as kids.

Off the dance floor, I have a BS in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA in Marketing and Finance. I am a certified Six Sigma black belt and a Change Management practitioner who holds a full time position within the healthcare industry.

Come and join me for an uplifting, fun-filled class! Let's do the thumkas, shimmy shakes and stay fit and happy!

BollyX member since December 2017

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