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Debbie Ganguli

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

I have always loved dance, first at school with classes in Ballet, Ballroom and Latin American Dance and later I began training in the Classical Indian Dance Form Bharatanatyam in London at the age of 12.

Bharatanatyam quickly became my first love and I finished my diploma at the Bhavan in London in the late 1980's and went on to give my debut as a professional performer in 1993 at the age of 17.

I took a break from dancing to study dentistry and pursue a career in dentistry, and later when I started a family - I have a daughter of 14 and my son is 9. In 2010 I bought my dental practice and have continued working in dentistry whilst being a practice owner.

But dance kept calling to my heart, and once my daughter was old enough to start learning I returned to my teacher at the Bhavan to dance again with my daughter.

Now as well as owning and running my dental practice, with the encouragement of my Guruji and family I now run my dance school Satyam in Milton Keynes, I am an ISTD registered teacher of Bharatanatyam dance and I thoroughly enjoy teaching a new generation of South Asian dancers.

Along with my husband Hiren who is a Les Mills Grit and Spin instructor, I enjoy attending the gym regularly, and as well as Grit classes, I love participating in any dance type Cardio class - Zumba, Sha'bam, Pump, Combat and Barre, so it seemed only natural to get into teaching dance fitness, and for a trained South Asian dancer what better class to teach than BollyX.

I am highly focused on fitness and keeping healthy - which for me as a diabetic is of even more importance and BollyX is a great way of keeping fit.

BollyX is a high intensity dance class that gets you moving and your heart pumping - helping you to stay healthy through the fun medium of dance. The class is based on bollywood type moves and there is something for everyone.

So if you like Bollywood Music, and want to enjoy getting fit - come to a BollyX class! Can't wait to see you...

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