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Derrol Julian Johns Jr.


As a kid, he would enjoy watching movies and love to watch old black and white films. One day, he came across a Bollywood film, bit never imagined that it would grow into a fitness crazy.

While having a cup of coffee and he saw BollyX® flyer. Later while working on a project, he searched the web for watch demo clips from other instructors. Finally, Julian was able to take a demo class at the fitness studio teaches fitness class. Later he purchased BollyX® package to take some classes and was hook even more.

Born in Washington, DC, and born into a military family, he was able to travel around the states. So not only is Julian certified to teach BollyX®, but he also is a certified Schwinn Cycle Instructor and working on other certifications.

In his spare time, he likes to attend to be the participant in other group exercise classes, watching movies, binge-watching series, and hanging out with his family and friends.
The highlight of my career is seeing the smiles and laughter on participant’s faces.

Saying “Exercising should never be I have to” it should be “I WANT TO!”.

BollyX member since May 2017

Contact Info


Phone: 800.460.4671


Twitter: julian_johns


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