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Devi Snigdha

Foster City, CA

Hello! My name is Devi and I live in San Francisco Bay Area (Foster City), California, US.

Dance has always been my passion. I've definitely danced to every single Bollywood number in childhood and have most recently started training in an Indian Classical Dance form (Kathak) as well. You can see me grabbing every opportunity to dance, be it Indian, contemporary or hiphop!

Lately I realized, Dance is a lot more than a passion for myself. Dance to me is meditation, therapy, an instant mood lifter and I would love to share this sense of joy with as many people as possible.

My favorite quote that I heard recently: "Dance is a CELEBRATION of what your body is capable of". Come join me to celebrate every Thumka, Lunge or Bhangra hop our body is able to do!

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