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Puebla, PUE

Hello there! I'm Fabiola (Faby) Guillén MD, from Mexico.

In addition to my medical degree, I have a Bachelor's degree in dance (with Honors).
Since 2018, I work as a performer, choreographer, and dance educator.
As an artist, I have presented my work in Mexico, USA, Canada, India, and Hungary, and my journey as an educator includes countries such as Turkey, Croatia, Mexico, and India. Needless to say that I LOVE traveling!
During 2019, while living and working as a dance mentor for children and teenagers in Jodhpur, India, I fell in love with Bollywood dance! Later on, I found out about BollyX and I decided to become an instructor!
I am also a certified Traditional Yoga instructor on the Hatha-Ashtanga Method.
I combine both modern western medicine and traditional eastern techniques for wellness, and I often prescribe yoga and dancing!

Let's rock it on the dance floor! We're gonna have a fab(y)ulous time together!

BollyX member since July 2020

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Phone: 522222007672


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