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Francine Chiu

Torrance, CA

Francine “France” Chiu LOVES dancing! In her teenage years, her mom introduced her to jazz dancing classes and she knew she wanted to keep dancing - for life! In college, France discovered hip-hop and continued to try a variety of dance classes after graduating from college - Zumba, flamenco, tap, and contemporary. She even had ballroom dancing lessons with her husband after getting married! However, she still really wanted to learn dances she saw in BOLLYWOOD movies!!

In 2019, it was a divine appointment when she saw a poster at a gym offering a workshop to become an instructor! What better way to learn Bollywood dances when you have to teach it?? If she can learn it, you can learn to dance Bollywood-style too! Bring your enthusiasm, your smile and have fun!!

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Email: [email protected]


No classes at this time.