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Bracebridge, ON

I've been in fitness and movement for over 25 years!
I love to get people excited about movement and to have fun while doing it.
I was one of the first 50 Zumba Instructors in Canada, an award winning PRO TRAINER with canfitpro, and presently own and operate a gym facility in Bracebridge, Ontario called Hive Muskoka. Our buzz is about creating an experience where we meet you where you are. And what better place thank a groove like Bolly X?

Someone told me once that only people from India should teach Bollywood dancing.
Is that not a crazy mindset? Global funk is for EVERYONE. Including YOU!

Dancing is for EVERYONE and BollyX gives me a chance to express my love of this music , it is filled with joy and HIVE Muskoka is the ONLY facility north of Barrie to be offering BOLLYX.

I welcome you to come and have some fun with me at Hive Muskoka!

BollyX member since February 2020

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Phone: 7057062809

Twitter: hivemuskokainc


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