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Gary riseborough

Andover, Hampshire

Originally from Newcastle in the U.K, the city where he first discovered his love for dance in 2005, Gary has since combined this with his lifelong passion for fitness, natural movement and personal growth to end up loving life in the dance fitness industry. Dancing has changed Gary’s life so dramatically that he admits to barely recognising his pre-dancer self! He credits many long lasting relationships and a drastic improvement in wellbeing to dance. His mission is to help to create similar experiences for anyone who anyone who steps into one of his classes.

Currently he is certified in BollyX, Zumba, Street Fit, also a L3 personal trainer, a certified Health Coach, and he teaches Zouk, a Brazilian social partner dance. What attracted him to BollyX? “ It’s such a unique, feel good, high energy, full body workout”. And ultimately it’s his current favourite source of vitamin D for Dance!

BollyX member since January 2019

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Phone: +447843444661


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