Gayatri Sidhu

    Brampton, ON

    She is an energetic and fun-loving individual who is a trained Kathak dancer. While growing up in a multicultural society in Delhi, India, Gayatri realized that she is passionate about different dance styles and knowing more about what India is all about.

    After immigrating to Canada in 2010 and being exposed to a multiculturalism on a global scale, she understood that dance is something that brings the community together no matter where you come from. The cherry on the cake is loosing some calories while having fun!!! Initially, moving on Zumba tunes was always on soca music, her best friend introduced her to BollyX and gave her the idea that it is also possible on Bollywood tunes and said, "Gayatri, you relate to Bollywood culture and music so much, this might be something you will love." Since then, there was no turning back. From learning and working out with BollyX, from being an instructor. This community has really helped her getting her groove back.

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    Phone: +1 (416)-871-2094